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Would you like to appear on ‘Let’s do Lunch’ with Gino and Mel?

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ITV are looking for the fastest gift wrappers in the UK to come on the show

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Starting a Gift Wrapping Service

monochrome mood board

If you’re thinking of starting a gift wrapping service in your shop it can be extremely daunting with many factors to take on board such as costs, materials, staff, pricing and confidence.

Gift Wrapping Service

A gift wrapping service is a great way to entice people in to your shop and often encourages impulse purchases. You will also stand out from your competitors.

Black gift wrapping


Here are my top 10 Gift Wrapping Tips


1. When buying your materials make sure that you buy them wholesale.  You need to keep your costs down so it’s not an expensive service. I would suggest a starter point under £3 per gift as the public don’t want to spend more than what they could do it for themselves.

purple present

2. Start with packaging basics such as paper, tissue, cellophane, tape and ribbon/raffia in a neutral colour such as purple or turquoise.  This is suitable for any age, genre and occasion and can be used all year round to avoid waste.

Purple presents


3. Avoid busy or patterned papers as you are limited what trimmings you can add and they date quicker.


gift wrapping service boxes

4. Rigid gift boxes are expensive so if you wish to offer these as part of your gift wrapping service, you will need to incorporate these costs.  You can also add this option as an extra charge or sell them separately and offer the gift wrapping for free (you can easily wrap the item in some tissue and pop it in the box)

Turquoise Box Set Jane Means sm

5. Gift Bags are cheaper in price and you can easily offer a complimentary gift wrapping service this way. Adding some ribbon and decorations to bag will look eye catching.  I particularly love these damask designs from CarrierBagShop.


Decorated Gift Bag

wholesale damask bag

Damask Gift Bags

6. If you wish to offer a complimentary service, make sure that you incorporate your costs in to your products.  It is also a good idea to cap the limit such as ‘Minimum spend £10’ or ‘Maximum 2 products during busy periods’ to avoid customer queues.

jane means lincoln studio

7. Market the service well with a small display in the shop window, a sign at the till, on your website and social media.  Most of all use your customers as your word of mouth.

Green bakers twine

8. Ensure you have lots of practice wrapping awkward shapes before you start the service.  There are many gift wrapping ideas on the net and you can download Gift Wrapping Videos and learn my techniques through ‘The Art of gift Wrapping DVD’ or a One Day Course.

Jane Means Gift Wrapping Course

9. Ask your staff who are happy and confident to do this service.  You can also offer certain days or times when the relevant staff members are on duty.  You can also offer this service as an event for a pre Christmas opening or a new launch.


Selfridges Gift Wrapping

10.  Smile and be honest with your customers.  I often say “I’ve not wrapped one of these before so it may be a couple of attempts until I get it right”.  If you’re feeling nervous infront of customers, you could politely suggest that they continue shopping and pop back in 5 minutes, or gift wrap on a counter or table that is slightly out of sight

Jane Means gift wrapping


Love it or hate it, gift wrapping is a popular service and priced well it can be a brilliant marketing opportunity.  Do be warned that it is extremely popular the week before Christmas and you will need to make sure that you have enough resources during this peak time.

ribbon pile

The ‘Art of Gift Wrapping DVD’ is packed with tips and ideas and is available for £15.  We are offering a signed copy to a lucky winner…just leave a comment below why you would like to win it by July 20th.


Gift Wrapping DVD signing

And here is our winner…Number 1 picked from our online random number generator…so Congratulations Tracy Gray!

winner copy



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A summer photo shoot

I was utterly delighted when photographer Lyndsey James wanted to pop over to do a feature at the Haberdashery Closet. Her photography workshops caught my eye earlier on in the year as they are designed for anyone who creates or sells small products who want to showcase their work with eye-catching photography.

haberdashery closet ln42ta

I couldn’t wait to meet her and pick her brains. I do a lot of my own styling and photography and we had a morning playing around with ribbons, trimmings, raffia, gift wrap and all sorts of decorations.  I got to work in the studio whilst we chatted away, and the time flew by.

jane means raffia pink

I spoke about how I started in business with the ups and downs I’ve experienced.  So many times I nearly gave up my dream but persisted with the hard work and long hours.  It was great comparing notes with a fellow business woman and we chatted away about marketing, running workshops and creative photography which are huge parts of our businesses.

jane means ribbon lampshade


I am always trying to dream up new ways to use ribbon.  So many people who buy from us transform mundane items in to brilliant creations.  I had a go at recreating the ribbon lampshades that Bay Designs do (although my effort is no where near as perfect as theirs) and plan to make a chandelier from wooden bobbins for a future shoot.

jane means ribbon roll

In the Haberdashery Closet you are never short of ribbon and we had piles of pretty trims everywhere.  Currently we have over 10,000 rolls of ribbon in stock and I’m always dreaming up new designs and keeping an eye on forthcoming trends, and new crafty projects.

jane means ribbon shelf

I have a real love for depth and textures and soon pulled out the velvet collection for Lyndsey to photograph.  I love velvet as it seems to have that quintessentially British luxury and royal feel about it.

jane means ribbon stockroom

The stockroom is a huge part of Ribbon HQ, we spend a lot of time in there busy packing up our online and wholesale orders on a daily basis.  I’m often rummaging through the stock when I am heading off to do a show or course somewhere.

jane means tying raffia

Wrapping gifts has always been a huge part of my life and I always left the nicely wrapped gifts last to open as a child.jane means raffia pink

I’ve always said you can add a few small touches to a gift to give it a huge transformation.  Here I’ve made a Fabric Rose just by using half a metre of wired ribbon and you can see the video tutorial on how to make your own.

jane means vibrant pink ribbon

I found this great cake stand from TK Maxx and threaded some of our ribbon through it for a dramatic effect.

vibrant pink ribbon

On the day Lyndsey and I managed to find some biscuits and cakes to go on it. I couldn’t resist a purchase when I popped in to Fortnum and Mason a few days earlier for a meeting!

jane means at work

After lunch I did a few step by step wrapping projects and you will be able to see these on the Lyndsey James blog over the next few months

jane means bow tying copy

Vibrant wired ribbons were being added around luxurious gift boxes, with recycled Christmas decorations being tied in as a feature.  I found these glass heart baubles in a florist in Paris and couldn’t resist them!

jane means bow tying


To add extra luxury I decided to layer several ribbons around gifts.  The recipient needs to be very special for this kind of treatment!

jane means lincoln studio


Wallpaper remnants, jars of buttons and more decorations were found…I got completely carried away with Lyndsey and her SLR camera clicking away.  She was such a joy to work with that the day was over before I knew it.

jane means papers

One of my favourite decorations are rustic orange slices.  They have that rich citrus smell and look great tied on to rustic and vintage style gifts.  I also love to use old music sheets in my gift wrapping projects.

jane means paper straws

The Haberdashery Closet is always full of quirky products, with some of them that you can try out.  Papers straws in an old milk bottle go down a storm when customers pop in and enjoy a glass of cloudy lemonade.

jane means pink stripe ribbon

One of my favourite products are wooden spools.  I’m a huge collector of anything vintage and I have been lucky enough to source some old bobbins from old silk mills in the UK. They are a great way to display your ribbons even if you only have a few remnants in your bottom drawer.

Jane Means Haberdashery Closet


If you have a small craft business, great photography is an absolute must and can be done on a tight budget.  I always remember a PR agency in London telling me that advice years ago and it has always stuck.  I always spot poor or dark photography and when you sell online or create your own adverts or marketing material it is so important to have clear photos in daylight.

Lyndsey James photography

All in all it was a fantastic day and I will be hiring Lyndsey in the future to help with our product photography, and hope to enrol on one of her courses soon.  If you have a small craft business, great photography is an absolute must and can be done on a tight budget, with the help of free photography software and apps like Instagram.

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