Animal Inspired Ribbon and Gift Wrapping Ideas

For many, the best ideas and inspiration comes from their beloved pets, so I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to Animal inspired ribbon and gift wrapping ideas. Whether you have dogs, cats, horses or chickens we have some great ideas lined up.

cat and dog ribbons

I’ve always been surrounded by animals being a farmers daughter and designed a controversial pet ribbon collection back in 2012. Sadly it was copied by our British manufacturer and is still talked about

Ros shiers paper

Image courtesy of Ros Shiers

Even at a young age I gave my dog birthday presents, and locals thought we were barking mad when we had a doggy fancy dress birthday party for owners at their muts.

margo dog present

My late labrador Margo couldn’t resist being a Gift Wrapping assistant and loved course days where she would be wandering around the studio

Anyone who is crafty is always looking for new and creative ways to make their gifts, from the present itself all the way to the finishing touches of the wrapping paper and ribbons. When picking out the gift-wrap and choosing the design of the packaging, it’s always good to keep the recipient’s personality in mind. For example, if your father is a car enthusiast, you can personalise the present with a ‘car design’ wrapping paper and a wide black paper band to make it look like a road. It’s all about knowing your audience.

dog box copy

(image credit:

If the recipient is a child, a fun theme to incorporate into gift-wrapping is animal shapes. Rather than using paper with dogs and cats on them, incorporate your origami skills into the gift to mimic animal silhouettes. Children love presents from the get go, but taking the time to add something special on the outside of the gifts will give them more joy than a toy that’s simply been placed in a gift bag. You can find DIY animal wrapping ideas on Pinterest and various blogs, though if you’re looking for a tutorial easy enough to get your kids involved in wrapping a friend’s birthday present, Mr. Printables makes use of white paper so that toddlers can paint the paper according to the animals they prefer.
(image credit:

cat dog box copy

Another great animal box design you can experiment with is a gift box that locks the paper in with ears as tabs. As shown on Line Across, this gift-wrap is reusable and just as fun to put together as the previous wrapping idea.


jane means for scotchtape


Image courtesy of Scotchtape

Despite these DIY wrapping ideas seeming like they only work for kids, they can actually be applied to anyone who loves animals, or that is generally young at heart. With so many adults fascinated with brands like Hello Kitty and playing games with cute and cuddly themes, lots of people will appreciate a person putting in the effort to make the gift’s presentation as adorable as the example shown above.

We also love these gifts for our beloved pets…

BHS wreath

Dog Bones Wreath by BHS


cat present


Image courtesy of Pinterest


I just love these Pet Portraits that I found on Not On The High Street

Image courtesy of Barley and Bayley

junk jewels


How about these vibrant watches for cat lovers?

Image Courtesy of Junk Jewels

chicken egg company


And how about these cute little egg covers, perfect for an Easter party or pastel decor?

Image courtesy of notonthehighstreet



On a final note I’m enjoying a few days hidden away in Cornwall designing my new collections and have been enjoying the company of a friends beloved Parsons Terrier called Archie…


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Wrapping a Wedding Gift and making it stand out on the present table

With Summer here and your close friends tying the knot, it’s your chance to be Wrapping a Wedding Gift and making it stand out, making the special couple feel rewarded. Even if you’re giving money or a voucher, we can make your gift look fabulous on the present table.

Arranging a wedding can be a joy but it also involves a lot of hard work, coordinating, planning and organising.  Each bride is the proverbial graceful swan, paddling away like crazy, to ensure that everything appears perfect.  Extensive effort is invested in colour schemes, dress designs, fabrics, flowers, table arrangements, stationery designs, favours, photography, menus, venues and honeymoon plans, to list but a few ‘things to do’….

gift wrapped wedding

As a guest, turning up beautifully turned out is a courteous duty to your, no doubt, immaculately polished hosts and, after you have been invited to share this precious and poignant moment in their lives, to observe, dine and celebrate, it is a wonderful gesture to, not merely give a considered gift but to present or, indeed, have delivered, a perfectly and elegantly embellished feast for the eyes, in the form of a thoughtfully wrapped and individually outstanding present.

The bride will appreciate such a wonderful gesture, as she has, no doubt, spent many months, at the very least, considering every last detail of every last minute of this very special occasion.

jane means ribbons

Salmon Ribbon by Jane Means

Your gift may not be the most expensive or flamboyant but it can be remembered for being the most perfectly packaged and for being the gift the happy couple least wanted to open because the wrapping was so utterly charming.

Sometimes it all comes down to the intricate detailing and sometimes simplicity stands out…


pleated wedding gift


Narrow grey ribbon by Jane Means

Japanese Pleating.
Just as pin-tucked, fine silk pleating adds detailed embellishment to an elegant wedding gown, once mastered, this simple paper-folding technique adds intriguing intricacy and individuality to your wrapped wedding gift.  If the bride’s colour choices are known, carefully selected papers and ribbons can also compliment her colour scheme.


wedding present ideas


Papers by Fox and Lark
Sage Ribbon by Jane Means

Joining Papers.
Just as the happy couple will be joining their hands in marriage, two contrasting papers can be used to wrap their wedding gift.  Cover the join with a good quality ribbon, tied in a bow, that may secure two small rings (curtain rings look effective, fresh or dried flowers or, if it is appropriate, a pendant in the shape of a cross.


Giftwrapped - Champagne bottle, step 8

A very special bottle of wine or good quality champagne makes a lovely wedding gift but many people tie a tag to the neck of the bottle and stop there.  We can do much better than that!  With contrasting tissue papers, shiny cellophane, ribbon and the accessories of sparkly confetti or flower stems, a bottle can become an ornamental vase of a gift.  A generous helping of confetti between the tissue paper and cellophane adds real sparkle to your champagne!


map gift wrapping


Fern Stripe Ribbon by Jane Means

Perhaps the happy couple are adventurous travellers and a more personalised gift wrapping style would really appeal to them… Do you know where they are going on their honeymoon?  If so, use a map of that destination to wrap your gift, ribbons of that country’s flag and a card-backed photograph or postcard of the location as a gift tag.


wedding gift wrapping

Boxed simplicity.
Simple boxes are perfect to be dressed for a wedding celebration.  With wedding veil net wrapped around and secured with a bunch of faux roses, an ornate broach or adapted hairclip or piece of jewelry, they look dramatic and yet are very quick to wrap.  A generous, soft lining of contrasting tissue paper also adds a little richness to whatever delights lie inside the box.


Jane Means gift wrapping


Glitter Paper by Marshalls

For the bride who loves bling!  Wrapping your gift in sumptuous velvet will immediately make it stand out from the crowd.  Jewel colours of emerald green, amethyst purple or ruby red will add to the drama and, tied with a matching metallic edged, wide wire ribbon bow and dressed with lots of wired cut glass and metallic beads, your gift will have glamour and beg for the spotlight. I also love to wrap wedding gifts in bling paper and this glitter one was a remnant from Christmas. With a rich embellishment added your gift will look a million dollars.

wedding wrapped gifts

Romantic silk, pink and pearls.  A parcel presented, wrapped in light pink silk in combination with a pretty floral, pleated paper, tied with darker pink ribbon and entwined and draped with strings of pretty bridal pearls will look innocent and sweet.  Remnants of fabric can be purchased cheaply and make great wrapping for many occasions.  Add a sprig of pink and cream flowers to this gift box for extra femininity and romance. You can even use a paper tablecloth and netting as I have done here.

marbled paper



Rossi Marbled Paper by Jane Means

This luxurious Rossi marbled paper is perfectly suited to a wedding gift’s presentation.  The rich texture and variegated colours of this Italian, handmade and unique paper can be complimented with green or pink ribbon. This is a great look for a Winter wedding too.

muted ribbons floral s


Ribbons by Jane Means

Plain brown paper dressed up for the occasion with grosgrain ribbon, and a bouquet of (artificial) flowers, proves that it is the ‘little black dress’ of the gift-wrapping world.  It may be simple, but, with the appropriate accessorizing, it works for any occasion.

Floral gift wrapping


Ribbon by Paperchase
Tag by Jane Means

One step beyond, you could even tie in fresh flowers such as hydrangeas on the day for that dramatic rich look

Whatever you give to the Bride and Groom, with a little thought and effort it will make them feel really special on their Wedding Day.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been creative with your gift wrapping too!




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