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Enjoy a dream holiday on a budget with a house swap vacation

With the New Year fast approaching are you desperate to escape on a well earned holiday with the sunscreen and your passport packed ready, yet you don’t have the money? In economically challenging times, many people are now turning to house swapping for that low cost dream holiday. During the last couple of years I have wanted to cut down on my business expenses and have experienced the joys of home swapping

Ribbons by Jane Means
Wrap by Cavallini
Book by Daniel Prince

So if you want to swanky holiday and the airfare is already stretching your budget, read on to learn how to ‘Enjoy a dream holiday on a budget with a house swap vacation’

Image courtesy of Jane Means (Instagram)

Several years ago my husband were filmed for a BBC1 TV programme called ‘Home away from home’. We swapped our London apartment, check out your url and stayed in a remote cottage in Warwickshire. During the four days filming we explored the local sites including Shakespeare’s home and Stratford-upon-Avon. I was somewhat apprehensive not only swapping my home but having a camera crew watch my every move, but have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Image courtesy of BBC TV

You might have also seen romantic film called ‘The Holiday’ staring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet

A couple of years later I was shocked at the expensive accommodation whilst working in Sydney. Even a basic hotel was in the region of $300 a night so I decided to give a Home Swap a go. I knew I had to spend time in Australia running workshops and thought this would be a great way to save money.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

I joined the worlds biggest home exchange site Love Home Swap as they had oodles of fantastic properties listed around the world. They give you a tempting 2 weeks trial which gives you plenty of time to research your next holiday. When you’re ready to swap it’s a monthly subscription of around £20.

Already I have saved thousands and have stayed in wonderful homes in whilst working in Paris, Harrogate and Australia. I have even done a photo shoot in Turkey

Jane Means Ribbons photographed in Turkey

For years I have been working a Gift Wrapping Advisor for French Fashion Houses and Luxury Beauty Brands and regularly work in Paris. When you live out of a suitcase as I do, you often get tired of staying in cramped hotel rooms and staying in someones home is the perfect answer.

Image courtesy of Jane Means (Instagram)

When I’m doing my shows my team and I will often stay in a house together, where we can enjoy chatting in the lounge over a pot of tea and enjoying the space and comfort of someones home without the expense.

Recently whilst working in the Far East I decided to take a weeks vacation and stayed in a beautiful Villa in Koh Samui owned by Daniel and Claire Prince.

Through our correspondence I learned that Daniel is an experienced home swapper with 80 exchanges and, writes a fantastic travel blog and has even written a book on home exchanges (keep reading with a chance to grab your free copy)

We’ve got a couple of signed copies up for grabs, plus we will throw in some ribbons too (perfect for tying on to your suitcase!) so head over to our Instagram page with your chance to win

Happy travels folks!

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