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  1. Heeral Ingle says:

    Hi Jane,I am a from India.. Have always been fascinated by the wrapping of gifts rather than what was inside it..I am interested in learning gift wrapping..Please guide me through your courses and other related details.Looking forward to your reply.

  2. Piluca says:

    Hello there,
    I was wondering if you sold ribbons wholesale?I am looking at selling ribbon and i saw yours a while ago and really liked them
    Thank you


  3. Tom Spaven says:

    Hi jane, great blog!

    I’m planning a special gift – involving several small bottles (of booze!) and a larger cocktail set, and need some advice on a great shop in central London to buy the relevant wrap, accessories and/or gift box to make a truly crafted, luxury gift…

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


  4. lucas King says:

    Good Morning

    I accidentally stumbled across your website, whilst looking for gift wrapping companies. I’m not too sure if you are able to help, but our usual couple who gift wrap our candles in cello have let us down and are not able to commit, which is now a complete dilemma. I just wanted to know if you provide a service for gift wrapping, how long and the cost per candle? Sorry for be so upfront, but am very impressed by what I have seen sofar.
    Many thanks and hope to speak soon…Lucas

    • jane says:

      Dear Lucas. Thanks for your message and please let us know your future wrapping requirements by contacting the office directly on 01522 522544. Best wishes Jane and Team

  5. Sierra says:

    Hello Jane,

    I am looking to hire 4 professional gift wrappers for a 3 day event we are doing for a client. I looks like you are in England, but was wondering if you had any suggestions on where I could find some qualified people. My searches are coming up empty.
    My event is in Austin, Texas, USA.

  6. Maya says:

    Hi Jane,
    i have about 70 gifts to wrap for christmas, each gift contains a bottle of liqueur and 10 shooter glasses.
    i don’t know if you provide a service or maybe you know someone that does, that can come to my office and wrap the gifts?
    i would like to send them out by Monday 9th of December.

    Kind Regards,

    Maya Goldberg

    • jane says:

      Dear Maya. Please keep us in mind for any future wrapping commissions and contact our office directly with your requirements on 01522 522544. Best wishes Jane and Team

  7. Hussain patel says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering whether you offer a gift wrapping service for individuals? I have bought some small luxury goods along with some shoes for my wife’s birthday. As you are most probably aware, these already come with the retailers gift wrapping and gift bags. This is something I wanted to keep but I was wondering whether you could combine the packages together to make 1 big package or snazzy them up individually (under the same theme)… You guys are the experts, so I would truly honour your advice. I look forward to your response. Thanks

    • jane says:

      Dear Hussein
      Thanks for your message. Please contact our office directly with your gift wrapping requirements on 01522 522544. Many thanks Jane Means and Team

  8. Jude law says:

    Hi Jane. I just wondered if you do any gift wrapping workshops or do you have any gift wrapping dvds for sale.

  9. helen barker says:

    Dear Jane Means,

    I love all of the beautiful things you have, and I am sure lots of brides to be do also, which is why I am emailing you; to ask a favour.

    I work for Fresh One, a television production company, and we are currently making a new programme all about brides and their bridesmaids. We are looking for 5 brides to take away with their bridesmaids for a luxury weekend with lots of fun activities to do.
    Here is some more information about the show;
    Based loosely around the movie Bridesmaids and all the fun and excitement that takes place in the lead up to the wedding day, we are making an observational documentary in the same vein as Made in Chelsea (but without being scripted). We would film brides and their bridesmaids to show the exciting build up and those lovely moments between best friends and close family as they support the bride in the lead up to the big day. During the filming, we would like to capture all the last minute preparations and to give them all an extra special weekend of bonding – it’s easy to get all caught up in wedding prep and to forget how strong relationships are and this is an opportunity to enjoy time together before the big day. Each episode will see one bride and her bridesmaids enjoy a long weekend in a luxury hotel. Across the weekend we’ll film all of the ladies enjoying the hotel facilities and surrounding area – enjoying lots of fun wedding / hen related activities.
    If you feel like this is something you would be happy to support, it would be so appreciated if you would be so kind as to tweet for us; 2014 Brides wanted for a brand new TV show. Honeymoon up for grabs! E @BRIDESMAIDSHOW PLS RT
    And post on your Facebook wall;
    Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you

  10. Susan says:

    Please give the |Covent garden Store address and opening hours, IS it only a wrapping shop or can ribbons etc be purchased?
    thank you

  11. June says:

    Hi Jane,
    I have to wrap about 50 padded coat hangers for Christmas gifts and I wondered if you might have any suggestions for a simple technique.
    Would you have any suggestions?
    Thanks Jane
    June Ward

  12. Ekta Singh says:


    Been very keen to buy your CD. Needed to know the cost in INR and also if you would be able to deliver it to India.


  13. Karina says:

    I hope you can help. I am getting married in Varenna Lake Como and I have read your wedding blog to saw that you did your own flowers. I am a wedding florist from Essex and I really want to do my own flowers but I don’t any wholesalers out there. Would you be kind enough to let me know what supplier you used for yours? Thank you, kind regards, Karina

    • jane says:

      HI Karina
      I can’t remember the florist wholesaler we used in Como i’m afraid. Our wedding planner directed us to it
      Best of luck for your wedding JM

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