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Gift Wrapping a voucher or money

When gift wrapping money or a voucher, many will panic and bypass the wrapping paper and end up enclosing it inside a greeting card.

Here we have 6 great ideas for you…

  • You can easily make a gift pouch with some wrapping paper
  • Roll the money or voucher and tie with ribbon. Place the scroll in to a gift box
  • Place in a paper bag and decorate
  • The voucher could be placed inside a picture frame so the recipient can enjoy an extra gift
  • Place the voucher in to a cardboard tube and wrap with fabric
  • Decorate a plain envelope with wrap and ribbon

Make an easy Gift Pouch

With some clever folds of a remnant of gift wrap and some double sided tape, you can easily make a gift pouch which is ideal for giving flat gifts such as vouchers, bars of chocolate, jewellery and linens.
Check out our YouTube tutorial

Pink Dahlia Wrap by Jane Means
Thyme Ribbon by Jane Means
Raspberry Pink Gift Tags by Jane Means
Calligraphy by Judy Broad

Get Rolling
Roll the money or voucher and tie with a narrow ribbon. For festive gifting you could roll around a cinnamon stick and it will smell great too!
Place the scroll in to a gift box or a handmade gift pouch

Bag it up
Place in a paper bag and decorate

This is such a simple idea…you may want to pad the gift with some tissue before placing it in to the bag. Seal the end with double sided tape and add your ribbon and tag

Black Dotty Ribbon by Jane Means
White labels by Jane Means
Paper Bag Stylists own

Frame it up

Place inside a flat picture frame and wrap up with some clever folding ideas to give it some height. This technique is covered on The Art of Gift Wrapping DVD

Wrap the voucher in a tube with fabric

This can look super luxurious and all you need for this project is a cardboard tube. With some clever furoshiki folding with some fabric and a brooch, your gift can look mouth waveringly beautiful

Tweed fabric by Scotland Shop

Decorate a plain envelope

Often when you are giving a voucher, it comes in its own envelope. Rather than write the recipients name on the front, wrap it as though it’s a gift. A strip of decorative gift wrap embellished with a ribbon bow around a plain white envelope is so quick and easy to do. Voila!

Stuck for Gifting Inspiration?….Here’s some great ideas from GiftingOwl
Happy wrapping folks!

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