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Get a sneak peak in to the new Jane Means Gift Wrap Collections of 2022

This week I have been behind closed doors with my talented graphic designer Liona curating the latest collections of gift wrap

The creative journey is one of the favourite aspects of my work. Each design is unique with a meaning and a memory.

With sustainable wrapping being a key factor in our business, each gift wrap design will be tailored to complement fresh foliage and dried embellishments.

The reversible gift wrap is then printed with vegetable ink at a local printing press 

Recognising our duty to be as environmentally sympathetic as possible, the designs are timeless and classic.

I have always loved tying in embellishments to give an eye-catching feature to each gift. Coming from a florist and farming background, I’ve appreciated nature. The pandemic has also highlighted my love for the outdoors, so bringing nature into gifting is natural to me. 

Over the years I have enjoyed tying in pretty decorations on to presents, particularly wheat from my fathers farm and greenery from a rambling garden. These were highlighted in my book Giftwrapped which was published back in 2014. The great thing is that anyone can access nature on a country walk or urban green spaces

The latest gift wrap collections have been designed to complement nature with plenty of botanical and natural elements 

It’s the early stages of the design process. Over the next few weeks we will be busy with print samples, signing off the final designs, wrapping and styling, photo shoots and press releases

Like nature it’s wonderful to see a seed come to fruition and experience the whole process. The journey of a sketch in a notebook to a pile of wrapped gifts in a magazine is an amazing experience

It’s still working progress but I hope you enjoy the new collection as much as I do. The Spring/Summer collections will be available on our website shortly with the Winter collections being launched later in the the year.

In the meantime we will be sharing lots of updates and behind the scenes on Instagram 

Happy Wrapping!

Jane x

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