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Make a Fabric Rose with Wired Ribbon: DIY Tutorial

light gold wedding ribbon

A fabric rose is really easy to make with wired ribbon and doesn’t require many materials. The feedback on our Gift Wrapping Courses is that this is one of the most favourite things that attendees make and proudly take home with them.

ribbon rose hero image
It will add an instant luxury decoration to your gifts and is a perfect alternative for a brides Bouquet. Wired roses can also be added to a fascinator, hat or used as a corsage

ribbon rose step 1
You will need approximately 1/2 metre of wired ribbon,  a stem of wire, and a button.  In this project I have used our luxury pale gold wired ribbon which is perfect for weddings.

ribbon rose step 2
1. Fold the wire in half an slot on the button. Twist the two ends all the way down

ribbon rose step 3

2. The wired ribbon will have very fine wires either side and you will gather one side only

3. At the end of the ribbon you will need to gently push back the ribbon to reveal the end of the wire (do not pull the wire out)

4. Holding the wire at the end, gently push the ribbon up at the wire at either end (one side only).  The gathered ribbon will then have the 2 ends of wire visible.  You will need to do this gently as the wire is usually very fine and can snap easily

5. Place the buttoning the corner of the ruched ribbon

ribbon rose step 5ribbon rose step 4

6. Start rotating the ribbon around the button to form your rose

ribbon rose step 6

7. When you have finished, twist the wires together to secure

ribbon rose step 7

8. You can also add stem tape to cover the wire (optional) then tie the stem in to your bow

stem tape rose

If you are giving a special item such as a wedding gift, it looks great if you add several flowers with netting from a well known flower shop like Sophy Crown Flowers.

wedding gift wrapping

You could make a raffle prize look spectacular.  Try a bottle wrapped in cellophane with some wired roses attached

cellophane bottle wrapping

You can go a step further and fray the edges on one side of the ribbon

fabric rose tutorial

I also love to experiment with various colours and have done a green version of a frayed rose here

DIY ribbon rose tutorial

What I love about this project, is you don’t need a lot of materials. Our standard 10 metre roll would end up making over 20 beautiful roses so this is luxury gift styling without spending a fortune.

If you haven’t got any wired ribbon to hand, you can just add a slip stitch along one side and gather the ribbon in to the centre of the thread.

I hope to be demonstrating this great idea on my Gift Wrapping Show on Create and Craft TV on Saturday 20th June at 5.00pm.  UK viewers can tune in to Freeview 36 or Sky674.  If you are outside of the UK or have missed the live show, you can view it online.  Do email in to the live show to get a cheerful wave from me.

Have fun!


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  2. Anila D on February 11, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    There was a video of yours- gift wrapping a book where you made a ribbon rose. That was so beautiful and my favourite so far from all your videos that I have watched….

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