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Animal Inspired Ribbon and Gift Wrapping Ideas

For many, the best ideas and inspiration comes from their beloved pets (get cbd chews for dogs from here), so I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to Animal inspired ribbon and gift wrapping ideas. Whether you have dogs, cats, horses or chickens we have some great ideas lined up.

cat and dog ribbons

I’ve always been surrounded by animals being a farmers daughter and designed a controversial pet ribbon collection back in 2012. Sadly it was copied by our British manufacturer and is still talked about

Ros shiers paper

Image courtesy of Ros Shiers

Even at a young age I gave my dog birthday presents, and locals thought we were barking mad when we had a doggy fancy dress birthday party for owners at their muts.

margo dog present

My late labrador Margo couldn’t resist being a Gift Wrapping assistant and loved course days where she would be wandering around the studio

Anyone who is crafty is always looking for new and creative ways to make their gifts, from the present itself all the way to the finishing touches of the wrapping paper and ribbons. When picking out the gift-wrap and choosing the design of the packaging, it’s always good to keep the recipient’s personality in mind. For example, if your father is a car enthusiast, you can personalise the present with a ‘car design’ wrapping paper and a wide black paper band to make it look like a road. It’s all about knowing your audience.

dog box copy

(image credit:

If the recipient is a child, a fun theme to incorporate into gift-wrapping is animal shapes. Rather than using paper with dogs and cats on them, incorporate your origami skills into the gift to mimic animal silhouettes. Children love presents from the get go, but taking the time to add something special on the outside of the gifts will give them more joy than a toy that’s simply been placed in a gift bag. You can find DIY animal wrapping ideas on Pinterest and various blogs, though if you’re looking for a tutorial easy enough to get your kids involved in wrapping a friend’s birthday present, Mr. Printables makes use of white paper so that toddlers can paint the paper according to the animals they prefer.
(image credit:

cat dog box copy

Another great animal box design you can experiment with is a gift box that locks the paper in with ears as tabs. As shown on Line Across, this gift-wrap is reusable and just as fun to put together as the previous wrapping idea.

jane means for scotchtape

Image courtesy of Scotchtape

Despite these DIY wrapping ideas seeming like they only work for kids, they can actually be applied to anyone who loves animals, or that is generally young at heart. With so many adults fascinated with brands like Hello Kitty and playing games with cute and cuddly themes, lots of people will appreciate a person putting in the effort to make the gift’s presentation as adorable as the example shown above.

We also love these gifts for our beloved pets…

BHS wreath

Dog Bones Wreath by BHS

cat present

Image courtesy of Pinterest


I just love these Pet Portraits that I found on Not On The High Street

Image courtesy of Barley and Bayley

junk jewels

How about these vibrant watches for cat lovers?

Image Courtesy of Junk Jewels

chicken egg company

And how about these cute little egg covers, perfect for an Easter party or pastel decor?

Image courtesy of notonthehighstreet


On a final note I’m enjoying a few days hidden away in Cornwall designing my new collections and have been enjoying the company of a friends beloved Parsons Terrier called Archie…

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