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Luxury Gift Wrapping in Paris

I have always been a huge fan of Dior perfume and have often gazed at their displays and windows filled with luxurious bags and couture fashion
Several years ago I landed a dream job and headed out to Milan on my first assignment. I travelled throughout Europe working in their boutiques gift wrapping for their VIPs which was very exciting.
This year I returned to Paris and worked at their new pop-up boutique in Le Printemps department store
My long enjoyable days were spent gift wrapping in front of customers, Discreetly going at record speed to avoid queues.
I lost count of how many gifts I wrapped in the days I was there, and after wrapping so many small circular items I headed back home for Christmas to give my hands a very well earned rest!
To give you a flavour of the boutique pop up shop in Paris, you can view the Dior advert on YouTube

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