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Pet ribbon collection for Liberty

I was over the moon when Liberty decided to stock my ribbons a few months ago.  The flagship store is a must visit when in London and their haberdashery department on the 4th floor is second to none.   They loved my idea about producing some animal themed ribbons so the design process started using real animals belonging to friends and family.

Real animals were used including Milly a beloved black labrador belonging to my father.

The collection’s been made in Britain and the ribbons are available online and wholesale.

We even got friends dogs having fun on the shoot including Padmay.

A reindeer design in both baby blue and red has been created in time for Christmas.


And we loved what one of our bloggers Kat Weatherall did with the ribbon, making some gourmet dog treats and tying it around a vintage style jar.  They look delicious!

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