Organising your craft room

Since a child I have loved messing around with crafts and materials and have always had a special place to store everything. Buttons in jars, paper in drawers and decorations in used boxes.

Jane Means in her studio

In my early days it was a plastic bucket that had been used for toys, Which I could easily rummage through when a good episode of Blue Peter came on

giftwrap storage

When I bought my first home I made great use of my under stairs cupboard and soon filled it with paints, ribbons and papers. Space was tight so papers were neatly folded and stored in crates. Ribbons and embellishments were popped into baskets which were hung from the beamed ceiling.

pom pom trim

Over the years I have grown a business based on craft and gift wrapping. Through my work and extensive travelling, I have carried much of my craft materials away with me by the use of a rigid suitcase and gentle packing.  When I have flown to the US on holidays, every inch of my suitcase has been carefully packed so I can bring back lots of new craft materials.

gift wrapping materials


If you are lucky enough to designate a space in the home as a craft room, Here are some great storage ideas. Alternatively your craft room could be a garden shed or a designated corner of the garage or potting shed.

tissue storage

Rolls of wrapping paper can easily be stored in umbrella stands and planters. Sheets of paper and tissue can also be rolled in to scrolls and tied with string or ribbon. They look great in a pretty waste paper basket.

DIY gift wrap storage

Sheets of paper can be stored on a collapsible washing line and small pieces can easily be stored and decorate a vintage wooden ladder.  You can even make your own collapsible gift wrapping ladder using wooden poles and metal chains.

Tissue storage idea

When I buy prepacked tissue I always remove it from the packaging and roll it into scrolls. This is a great way to iron out the creases.

shelf ribbons

Rolls of ribbon can be kept in shoeboxes or baskets. For larger collections of ribbon buy an inexpensive bookcase and glue on some wooden edging to stop the ribbons from falling out (B&Q Offer a free wood cutting service and sell wood glue too). I have several of these which I take to courses around the UK and have painted them with a cream egg shell paint from Laura Ashley.

Ribbon storage box

I love to keep all remnants of ribbon and recycle wherever possible. Longer lengths can be wound around pretty wooden spools, or placed loose in a large storage jar.

ribbon remnants

Smaller ribbons can be wound around card or rigid gift tags and secured with a pin. I also love to use dollypegs, Which look very effective too.

jane means gift wrapping

If you have string, raffia and twine in your collection, store the ball in a jar or used metal can (They make a tidy dispenser). Always keep bundles of loose raffia in a plastic carrier bag to avoid any mess.

gift boxes

Gift boxes are great for storing any embellishments, Loose decorations and gift tags. You then have some spares incase of a last minute gift.

craft room

Utilise every space around you ensuring you don’t clutter your craft table. Boxes can be stored underneath and utilise your walls with plenty of shelves and hooks

craft cupboard



A product that I have just designed, is our brand new Ribbon storage dispenser set which holds 5 rolls of Jane Means ribbons. You simply thread through the ribbon and the dispenser box neatly stores them.

ribbon storage dispenser

To celebrate the launch, we are giving away a set to a lucky follower which includes 50 metres of ribbon and is worth £25.  Just leave a comment below and the winner will be picked at random next week.  Good luck everyone x

jane means ribbon dispensers




  1. sue atkinson says:

    what a brilliant idea! makes a great display and gift idea x

  2. Alison Kershaw-Stevenson says:

    This has come just in time, new desk put together last weekend but I needed some inspiration as to how to set things out, thanks x

  3. Louise says:

    What a fantastic post. I need some order in my craft supplies as I share my office with my husband. Those ribbons are gorgeous.

  4. Charlotte says:

    I love seeing how people store their craft supplies! Everything looks so beautiful. Love the ribbon dispenser idea, it’s perfect for all ribbon addicts.

  5. Stacey says:

    Lovely ideas and such lovely photos! X

  6. Ella Jenkins says:

    I love the ideas for storing off cuts of ribbon. I must try harder than the spaghetti net of tangled ribbons that I have in my craft room. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  7. katy penman says:

    A timely and very inspirational post – my craft room is gradually being decluttered, but doesn’t look as pretty as this… yet!

  8. Reina says:

    beauty design… i like your idea so much.. ♥

  9. Lisa says:

    Fantastic idea – my ribbons end up in tangles in a drawer. I need one of these!!!

  10. Rosa Paula says:

    Loved the organization inspirations! And what a wonderful giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  11. Lisa says:

    Utter genius. I need about 30 of those. Xx

  12. Jayne Rose says:

    Great ideas and inspirational photos. Thanks.

  13. Aimee Albert says:

    Some great ideas – and plenty of pretty ribbons to inspire! The dolly peg method is so simple and effective. Thanks.

  14. Alison says:

    Happy day: I have just found your website and blog and feel as though I have found heaven. I feel inspired to ORGANISE MY RIBBON (which I thought was vaguely organised, but no! it was not)

  15. Paula Sutton says:

    I am totally in LOVE your dolly pegs and vintage wooden ribbon spools – i will find a reason and space to have a craft area exactly like this even if it means that my husband has to sleep in the shed! x

  16. Michelle MacFarlane says:

    Great ideas here, practical and inspiring. I’m off to buy some dolly pegs tomorrow, I’ve seen them a hundred times and never thought to use them in this way. Ribbon dispenser is gorgeous, I would need lots of these. Keep up the good ideas and share them with us:)

  17. Evie tracy says:

    Wow you are amazingly organized,I enjoyed the craft organization ideas and the tour. Here I found lot of brilliant ideas that can help me to give my craft room an overhaul, I would like to incorporate ribbon storage idea.

  18. Kate says:

    Awesome, what a fantastic idea…
    Seems such a simple solution; why didn’t I think of it??? Like some of the followers, I think I need about 20.
    Showed it to daughter aged 10 and she said tomorrow she’s gonna make own ‘ribbon holder’ using a shoe box and a chop stick!
    Jane, I came on 1 of your gift wrapping courses over 10 years ago and still use so many of your hints and tips. Would definitely recommend the course to everyone, whatever your age.


  19. Julie Cook says:

    Pretty and practical, true Jane Means style!!

  20. Gillian says:

    Brilliant storage ideas. I have a sewing/craft workshop in the garden which needs re-organising and I’m inspired to get cracking with it now! Thanks for the great ideas!

  21. Victoria says:

    Everything so organised and beautiful – I want to Pinterest every picture 🙂

  22. Kath says:

    Beautiful colours, and the ribbon dispenser is a great idea. Love it all. It has inspired me to book myself onto a course.

  23. Charlotte says:

    I love using proper ribbon for wrapping presents… It’s luxury and reusable!

  24. Beckie Thompson says:

    What an amazing find ! Just come across you on twitter. I have ribbons, papers, baking equipment and props every where. I love buying ribbons to use ‘one day’ for a baking project, i’ve collected that many i better get started. looking forward to seeing your treasures and adding some to my collection 🙂

  25. What looks better than a beautifully wrapped present? Lovely, thoughtful wrapping makes a gift extra special.

  26. Rivly Breus says:

    The Container Store in the U.S. has great storage containers for gift wrap enthusiasts.

  27. Daina Jones says:

    I am forever looking for a new gift wrapping ideas especially for Christmas time. Oh will I be following the blog-feel so inspired to have find one that is dynamic!
    The ribbon storage is really brill idea as mine seem to tangle themselves all the time – it feels like they have a party in my box just to wind me up!:)

  28. Cynthia Cleverdon says:

    What a brilliant idea and lovely addition to your fantastic product range. Pretty to look at as well as a great storage tool , simply brilliant. Well done Jane!

  29. Philippa Bushe says:

    Simple and effective way of storing ribbon , ! Love the. Colours
    My Craft Cupboard definitely in need of an overhaul before Chritmas

  30. Lynda Rose says:

    Hi, love Janes products and ideas. Got the cd and has seen her demonstrations various times. Ribbon box is a great idea, and my ribbons are definetly in need of organising.

  31. Louise S. says:

    I absolutely love your suggestions, and I will definitely be employing some of them. To add to your ideas, I use an IKEA laundry basket that has little drawers built in;
    The rolls then stay upright and together, and I have room for ribbons on the side. Perfect for those of us still getting our collection growing.

  32. mo says:

    Looks amazing. Where do you get your giftboxes?

  33. Clare says:

    I have always loved gift wrapping and particularly enjoyed it whilst working at The White Company. I am also considering starting my own gift wrapping service simply because of my love for it. So Jane, you are certainly proving to be an inspiration!

  34. Toni Dawson says:

    We only just met last week at Speciality Food Show in the SECC but already I’m a fan. Love, love, love your contemporary take on the art of gift wrapping. I had my joiner suspend 10 rods on brackets at the back of my chocolate counter which I use to hang cello wrap, gift wrap and co-ordinating ribbons for each season. Your ideas are so simple yet very effective.

  35. Sarah Burbidge says:

    Absolutely love the purple ribbon – my favourite colour of all time, it reminds me of a certain chocolate company!

  36. Holly Crimp says:

    Some fab ideas! Thank you for sharing them! 🙂

  37. hadenmaiden says:

    Some brilliant suggestions there – my Pinterest board has taken a hammering with all these!

  38. darcy says:

    What fantastic ideas for storage, all I need now is a room big enough lol

  39. Kate says:

    Love these ideas, great inspiration thanks!

  40. Lizzie G says:

    Brilliant ideas! Just the inspiration I needed to get my sewing room in order, thank you! X

  41. T Dallow says:

    Such lovely ideas. I went on the wrapping course last week and the first thing I did when I got home was organise my craft bits! It was a great day x

  42. Alllly says:

    Just came across your blog, the photos are so colourful and so inspiring and giving me some lovely ideas

  43. very organised- the key to being good at craft!

  44. Jo Munson says:

    Why have I only just read this, you’ve inspired me, now going to sort out my craft space. Wish I had always been so organised as you!

  45. Alison H says:

    Great ideas

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