Making a handy ribbon dispenser box

ribbon tidy

I’m always having trouble keeping my craft room tidy, and one thing I often struggle with is storing loose rolls of ribbon, which easily get tangled if you don’t pin them


craft tutorial

I’m going to show you a really inexpensive and neat idea for ribbon storage and show you how to make a ribbon dispenser box.  This DIY craft project will take you less than 10 minutes

cake box



You will need a box made of thin card. A good place to get these is from a cake shop or bakery, plus a ruler and hole punch (which I bought from Staples),  and a scrap piece of paper.  Calculate your measurements on your scrap paper and punch out the holes. This will ensure that your measurements are correct and you don’t punch unwanted holes straight in to the box.  Through the holes on the scrap paper, mark the cake box with pencil

craft hole punch

Punch the holes out of the cake box ensuring they are straight and measured correctly (Here I have done a straight line in pencil so it looks neat)

ribbon box


Remove any pins from your rolls of ribbon, and one by one thread the ribbon ends through the holes. To make it easier cut your ribbon at angles

ribbon storage


Keep adding your ribbons until the box is full but don’t over fill it as the rolls won’t be able to rotate (your ribbons need to move easily inside the box)

ribbon tutorial


Close the box up and cut all of the ribbon ends at a slight angle (if you haven’t done so already) as this will stop them from fraying.  You could also have several boxes and colour coordinate them

ribbon dispenser

Boxes can also be stacked on top of each other in a cupboard and this makes great space saving storage.  It’s also a great way of recycling unwanted boxes, and a good way of supporting your local cake shop even if you’re on a diet!

ribbon collage



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Summer update and behind the scenes

We were delighted to launch our new websites last week after a year of photo shoots, hard work and lots of working behind the scenes with our web people.  I have also really enjoyed doing lots of step by step tutorials which I plan to add with products, as well as showcase them on Flickr and Pinterest.

vibrant ribbons


We’ve used lots of props to give a fresh approach and had great fun working with many different pieces from old wooden cupboards to china tea sets.  I love nothing more than to rummage at local antique fairs to find perfect junk for a photo shoot.


One thing I was keen to launch was the Gift Wrapping Secrets area.  For over 13 years I have been running gift wrapping courses all over the UK and after completing the course students can access the confidential area for personal use (You will find the log in details at the bottom of this post). There’s still lots of work on my to do list but I’m getting through it bit by bit.


We found that the back up courses website was really helpful tool so students could focus on the
practical side in the class and not miss vital points whilst scribbling lots of notes, giggling with tension!

filming jane means

Another great thing we added was the ‘Pay per view videos’ If you didn’t stretch to buying the DVD, you can now watch single clips which start at only £1.25.
We have also popped on the DVD introduction on our YouTube clip, and I’m planning to do lots of new clips as my head is buzzing with ideas.

spotty paper bags

We hope that you like our new websites and as a little thank you, we’re offering a 30% discount on our 10M rolls of ribbon in our ‘Big Blog Sale’

ribbon discount code

Just log on to our Shopping site and enter your discount code ‘blog1’ to get a 30% discount on all of our 10M rolls.

Narrow green gingham ribbon
This offer is valid until Friday 24th May 2013 and is a perfect time to top up your ribbon cupboard

Music gift wrapping

I would love to hear your feedback about the 2 new sites



Enjoy our sale

Jane x

If you have attended one of our courses and would like to access the Gift Wrapping Secrets, just follow these simple steps…


1. Register on our shopping website with your details (you will need to include some basic course details so we can find you on our database).

2. You will then receive an email from us (remember that we are open M-F 10am-3pm)


3. You will then need to head to our Courses website to log in


You will then be able to access the step by step photographs and handy tips which you covered on your course*.

If you are struggling at any time, please give us a call on 01522 522 544

*Please note that this is for your personal use only and we regret we cannot offer this service to those who run their own gift wrapping courses.

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Making a Pom Pom with Bakers Twine

Have a go at this fun and easy to do Pom Pom gift wrapping.  All you need is your wrapped gift and a roll of Bakers Twine.

Pom Pom Decoration

I love the fresh texture of Bakers Twine and I am often asked how I use it in my gift wrapping projects.

Bakers Twine Roll

This easy step by step idea shows you how to wrap a present, and finish it with an eye catching Pom Pom.

Bakers Twine

Wind somer Bakers Twine around the gift several times, ensuring the two ends overlap before cutting.

Bakers Twine project

Tie the two ends together in the centre of the gift.  You will then need to get a clean fork ready for the next part.

photo (3)

With your role of Baker’s twine wrap it around your fork several times (I did 10)
Tie the two ends around the centre so the twine resembles a bow tie.

Bakers Twine craft

Cut both sides and tease the twine so it resembles a pom-pom. The two ends can then be cut down to the same length as the pom pom strands.  Tie your pom pom in to the centre of the gift with the loose ends.

Bakers Twine ball

This wrapping is great for kids and suitable for men too.  You could also make several and have a strip of them along your gift.

photo (7)

This project  can also be done with garden string or narrow ribbon, and loose pom poms can also be glued on to gift tags…Have fun!


Advanced Gift Wrapping

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