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Archive for May 2013

Making a handy ribbon dispenser box

I’m always having trouble keeping my craft room tidy, and one thing I often struggle with is storing loose rolls of ribbon, which easily get tangled if you don’t pin them   I’m going to show you a really inexpensive and neat idea for ribbon storage and show you how to make a ribbon dispenser box.…

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Summer update and behind the scenes

We were delighted to launch our new websites last week after a year of photo shoots, hard work and lots of working behind the scenes with our web people.  I have also really enjoyed doing lots of step by step tutorials which I plan to add with products, as well as showcase them on Flickr…

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Making a Pom Pom with Bakers Twine

Have a go at this fun and easy to do Pom Pom gift wrapping.  All you need is your wrapped gift and a roll of Bakers Twine. I love the fresh texture of Bakers Twine and I am often asked how I use it in my gift wrapping projects. This easy step by step idea…

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