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Organising your craft room

Since a child I have loved messing around with crafts and materials and have always had a special place to store everything. Buttons in jars, paper in drawers and decorations in used boxes. In my early days it was a plastic bucket that had been used for toys, Which I could easily rummage through when…

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Making a handy ribbon dispenser box

I’m always having trouble keeping my craft room tidy, and one thing I often struggle with is storing loose rolls of ribbon, which easily get tangled if you don’t pin them   I’m going to show you a really inexpensive and neat idea for ribbon storage and show you how to make a ribbon dispenser box.…

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Clever ribbon storage and display ideas

 I’m often asked about the various ways to store and display ribbons, especially by craft lovers and shops.  Whether you have lengths or rolls of ribbon, I have put together a collection of handy ideas. Loose lengths of ribbon can be wrapped around a piece of card and pinned.  This makes a great filing system…

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